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Yellow Boombox

This yellow boombox is a great addition to your work place or home base. It has two loudspeakers and a built in radio. This boombox is easy to set up and is great for playing music or playing sound on a presentation.

Sony Yellow Boombox

Sony's new yellow boombox is a music-centric take on the console, and it's perfect for any music lover. This box has a small, but powerful speaker and comes with a variety of sounds including audio files, video, and text. It's also feature-rich enough to handle any music you might have listening to.

Sony Sports Boombox Yellow

The sony sports mega bass cfs-905 is a great radio for the music lover in your life! With a sounds quality that is sure to please, this boombox is perfect for your music needs! With a standard 2-volt power and 12-voltocking system, this radio is easy to use and makes your music experience even more enhanced. Whether you are listening to your music through the cfs-905's built-in speaker or you have them on your tortoise-ears, these speakers will always be options for your music needs! the yellow sony boombox box radio cd is a great way to hear the latest music and news from the boomboxesi. Com and the game play with your friends. this sony bose boombox is a great addition to any stereo home listening setup. It has a forward-looking, yellow staining that is matched by the blue in the background. The boombox has a loud and clear sound that is perfect for listening to your favorite sports events. Plus, it has a rechargeable battery that will give you hours of listening pleasure. this vintage sharp boombox stereo radio cassette recorder is a great option for those who love to listen to their music while around friends and family. This boombox is in soft yellow color and makes a great addition to any home music playing. This radio is perfect for those who want to listen to their favorite music while on the go.